Submit provides application writing support for artists and creatives with a wide range of neurodiversities, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and other invisible and visible disabilities. 

Access support is financially supported directly through the funding body, and

Submit will guide you through the process of applying for financial aid to enable you to receive this support.


I have worked with Hannah Conroy on Arts Council England applications over the last year, as well as securing some funding. The experience has been

a great support to me as an Artist.  I am dyslexic, dyspraxic, and have ADHD, and Hannah has helped me to both articulate and tease out aspects of my thinking, which has been generative for

me and for my work. Hannah understands the challenges faced by those who have learning disabilities such as I do, this was highlighted at one point where she intuited that I had a "freeze" response about submitting the final application and she stepped in at that point and helped me with it. I would highly recommend working with Hannah who has a high level of criticality and

is rigorous, kind, and supportive.

Blinky Bellas/Clare Price, artist

I have problems with planning, time management, reading, and writing due to dyslexia and Hannah has helped me to successfully apply for emergency funding from Arts Council England. We worked together in a structured, steady, and stress-free approach, helping me to bring my ideas together in a clear and coherent way, which I would not be unable to do on my own. Hannah helped to make manageable otherwise prohibitively complex and intimidating funding applications.

Milo Creese, artist

Working with Hannah got me an Arts Council England Project Grant on the first-ever go.

I brought my biggest, craziest ideas I had been wanting funding for, and not only did she absolutely support me through the process

of figuring out how to apply for them but also translated my performance ideas in writing,

in ways I could not. 10/10 recommend 

Sandra Boom, artist

I have worked with Hannah on a few funding applications so far and she has always been very supportive and goes above and beyond the role

of an Access Support Worker. She provides support on all aspects of the application process; from helping to organise and structure ideas, having

an excellent knowledge of the application requirements to proofreading and navigating the online application forms. I thoroughly recommend her services to anyone who may struggle with the application process. 

Deniz ünal, artist

I am thrilled to recommend Hannah as an access worker. She’s remarkably well suited for the task, supporting me with ease from start to completion.

I would absolutely seek Hannah out again and would refer her to friends. 

Demigosh, musician, and performer

First things first Hannah is astonishing.

Being dyslexic, I have spent the last 15 years not applying for funding because I wasn’t aware that support was available (and I was terrified).

Hannah’s practice, patience, knowledge, encouragement & support has made the journey from fear-of-applying, through to receiving my successful decision letter. It has been an education, a delight, and ultimately and encouragingly positive experience. Hannah has been my Virgil, and my descent was heavenly. 

James Stopforth, artist

ADHD and dyslexia are the learning barriers

that make writing applications challenging and sometimes overwhelming for me.

Since discovering access support and selecting Hannah as my access worker the process has become more manageable for me and sometimes even fun! We worked hard together and I was delighted to win my first Arts Council award 10 years after leaving art school.

Ben Nathan, artist, and director of Pinhole London

Working with Hannah has been really beneficial

for me as I suffer from dyslexia so I find it hard

to convey my ideas in writing. Her support allows me to verbally communicate my ideas and the opportunity to apply for funding that would otherwise be unavailable to me. Besides that,

she genuinely cares about the projects I am doing and is a great sounding board for the ideas and concepts that I bring to the table. I am very grateful to have access to someone like Hannah.

Shumba Maasai, musician, and producer

Please get in touch to discuss your proposal ideas and eligibility by emailing:

Hannah helped me to formulate and structure my ACE (emergency covid support) grant application. Her help made the whole process much more straightforward - she knew what the funders

were looking for and how I needed to address the questions. She even helped with the technicalities of the - notoriously complex -  online submission process, which I was struggling with. Receiving

the grant was a huge boost last year and has given me the confidence to apply for funds from ACE in the future 

Kim Coleman, artist

Working with Hannah helps me formally structure content in my application, and also helps me focus on my goals and what I am looking to get out

of my project. It is a huge help to have someone

to help navigate the application process, and also

a boost to be able to have a conversation around the work in progress. I wish I knew about access support, and Hannah's work years ago!

Susie Green, artist

Bid writing has always been an obstacle to realising my artistic ambitions. Hannah’s access support service provides an integral platform for anyone with dyslexia to get their ideas down on paper and structured in the required format for

an ACE bid with ease.

Matt Rowe, artist

Making a funding application was always a very stressful and intimidating experience for me due to my dyslexia. After working with Hannah

I encountered a taste of joy and excitement

for the first time. Hannah's incredible support

also brought me a better understanding of the framework of the application process. Thank you Hannah for your all incredible and generous support.

Güler Ates, artist

Hannah has twice helped me to achieve funding support from Arts Council England. I truly believe that my applications would not have been successful without her help, partly because I found the Arts Council website confusing to operate and also because she was able to guide me as to what aspects of my experience as an artist to include

in each section of the form. This was particularly true when I was applying for the project grant. 

As soon as I started to talk to Hannah about the application I became much clearer about what

I was applying for and why - her help was hugely appreciated!

Jennifer Binnie, artist

As an artist who is dyslexic and neuro-divergent, the realisation that I was able to get access support in applying for funding from the Arts Council was a game-changer. Working with Hannah was brilliant because she gives you the attention and support needed to get your ideas out and then translates them into a clear application language with you. It made a task that usually seems impossible and stomach-churning into an enjoyable and enriching experience!

Mary Hurrell, artist

Throughout my career, I have found all types

of writing challenges. Looking back I did find some strategies to overcome these difficulties, however, it wasn't until I began a practice-led PhD at Loughborough University that my neurodiversity was identified and I began to work with study skills to develop my linear writing skills. I can write, slowly. Every sentence and paragraph is crafted over and over again. My brain constantly challenges my ability to think from A to B to C. A skill that is so important when applying for Arts Council Funding, or completing any application

for funding, residencies - all opportunities. 

Hannah is able to take my tendency to constantly mind map my plans and translate these ideas into a linear comprehensive arts funding application. She takes a collection of statements and short paragraphs and pulls them together based on

a series of conversations. 

Despite writing a PhD and learning how

to overcome my particular neurodiversity. 

Each time I prepare and write the same challenges arise. I have trained my brain to keep to the point,

but it is exhausting. Having someone like Hannah who can help me streamline my thinking and apply

this to a funding application.  These applications can take months to write, imagine if you are neurodiverse how much longer it could take. Hannah's skill support ensure that reasonable adjustments are made so that more artists have access to Arts Council funds

Alison Lloyd, artist